Sunday, October 14, 2007

Red Ring of Death

I would have posted something recently, but my 360 got the red ring of death. So I'm stuck for a month while my Xbox gets an all-expense-paid vacation in Texas. Since I'm mainly a 360 man, I don't have much to do now. So i've been playing some old PC games like Uplink, and some less old ones like Tiberium wars(see below for review). I might do a Godfather: BH ed. review soon.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Overlord Review

Ok, as someone who has beaten this game 2 1/2 times i feel qualified to review it. And i apologize for any spelling errors in advance- my keyboard is glitchin' out for some reason.

This game centers around you(shocker!), the overlord of these golbin looking minions. You look like sauron and your first enemies are hobbits, then elves, and finally dwarves. wow.

The game controls are easy to master. Its basically evil Pikmin(I'm not sure what the controls were for pikmin, but its stategically the same). the only thing that requires a learning curve is the camera. There is no camera button(on the 360 anyway). You can only lock onto targets(if no target is in sight the camera centers on the area your character is facing)

There is some humor in the game ranging from sexual inuendos(sp) to your minions saying something about a sheep that is so stupid its funny.

The game is not hard, but it tends to be glitchy, i still cant get that health upgrade becuase the minion cant carry it over the bridge without getting stuck by invisible objects, any advice is welcome.

And now the question that any Gamer like me asks about every game. Are there RPG elements? Yes. You can upgrade your armor and weapons at the forge, and you can upgrade your tower once you aquire a "mistress"(yes you can "enjoy" her-once, but the whole tower shakes when you do!). And the choses you make in game are pretty important. The 360 version has achievment for full or no corruption(the games version of good and bad, there are no "good choices" only evil and super evil).

Anouther question people might ask is, Does it have multiplayer? Yes, on Xbox live(or the internet if u have a PC version). But no one plays online so unless you find me on there the chances of you getting a match are low. you can try for half an hour before getting some noob to coop with you. In the coop mode you have to both survive but my parter dies after 5 minutes so ill never be able to unlock the achievement point that go with going half an hour in survival mode. The only other alternative to survival is the versus mode where you compete agianst anouther overlord to see who can grab more loot ot kill more people. really though these matches usually end up being who can kill the other overlord first becaust that gives you HUGE points. Oddly enough although i cant find a match i notice thousands of people on the leaderboards- why cant i find these people!

The storyline is great but i dont want to spoil the twist at the end. So I'm going to end this review and give this game 4 talons and a decapitated zombie(yes there are zombies in this game! Some without heads.) out of 5.

Monday, July 2, 2007

C&C 3: Tiberium Wars Review

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. But it's not like I have a huge fan base dying to hear from me(yet).

Anyway heres my review of C&C 3: tib wars

The game is basically the same as all of the prequels(good games a little graphically outdated now). Even the old bad guy is back. It kinda annoys me how as a GDI commander I've "killed" him twice now and there is not a scar on his face.

For those of you not familiar with the series it is an rts(real time strategy for COMPLETE noobs). If you've ever played an rts before this gome is where they got the controls from, so the learning curve is almost non-existant. The story follows the conflict between the Brotherhood of Nod(militant cult lead by Kane, who is bacically evil jesus) and GDI(Think UN with the ability to resolve conflicts) in a world covered by tiberium(crystals that are poisonous and somehow used as currency). This game added aliens into the mix which play sorta like a mix of protoss and zerg(from starcraft).

You can only play as the GDI or Nod until you beat both of their campaigns, then you get the secret Scrin campaign(The Aliens). As for which side to pick, its mostly a matter of style. If you like building an army of tanks and overwheming the enemy with numbers, pick GDI. If you like building secret bases and suicide bombing, Nod is for you. If you are looking for a good plot, Nod is a lot better than GDI. The acting seems better on the Nod side too. You may recognise some of the actors from Lost or House or the old C&C games. This is the only game series that still does live action cutscenes(even if they do only one take).

I personally love this game. 5 talons out of 5.

And remember: it takes a noob to not know what noob means.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Click the Ads.....please

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Starcraft 2

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Monday, April 2, 2007

Video Game Transcripts

Just so everyone knows I do video game reviews at my school. I'm going to put the transcripts here. I may even do some more extensive reviews(i only get a minute to do the ones i do at school so i may take some free time and make some better ones).